Channelled art work as a gift

Celebrate you, celebrate the love in your life, and celebrate the moments of love that we share.

Have you considered honouring special people and times in your life in art work? Heart paintings make a unique and personal gift.

They can be created for wedding present or engagement gift featuring the heart energies of the happy couple. Equally they make a special feature to celebrate a landmark anniversary. A beautiful tribute to love makes a wonderful surprise for St Valentine’s Day.

I also have created Baby Blessing Paintings. These celebrate the birth of a child and feature unique artwork special to the child. Their painting will contain special symbols for the child and is a source of comfort to them. Recent baby blessing paintings have featured magical animals such as dragons, swans and horses.

A beautiful heart painting could also be a wonderful celebration of a milestone birthday for a special person or given as a thoughtful Mothers’ day gift.

Or why not for you just because you are special!!!

Many of my clients have requested Spirit Guide Portraits. Do click on the page to find out more about them.