Customer Feedback

“Words can not express the surprise and gratitude that I had when Olivia gave me the painting you had done. It is sitting with pride on the bookcase in the living room so that I can look at it’s beauty each day.

I feel joyous and tearful in a positive way that resounds with gratitude. I totally feel it resonates with me. The panting was a gift to me totally unexpected, yet as soon as I saw it I felt an internal peace and growth deep within. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


“My friend cried when she saw the painting and read everything, she said it was the most beautiful and unique gift she has ever received, she was so moved by your work, the message, everything.
Your hearts really are out of this world and I have never seen so many people moved by it, your work is so special and rare!! Her mum described it as a spiritual x-ray, and wants one too!”


“Thank you so much for my present, its amazing, it contains so much thought and it it’s a wonderful painting.”

Lilly Rose
“Your painting is in our new house bathroom and I do believe it was always meant to be here – perfection personified my dear, colour and presence.  I love it. “



“Joanne has the amazing beautiful ability to read your heart and create it’s natural magic on canvas.  As I gazed on mine it filled me with an inner knowing about who I am.  I didn’t recognise its full value at first when I received even though I loved it’s beauty and its message, and then several months later, my life has attracted love and now I see the message clearly, Joanne’s painting has naturally healed me to love once more.  Thank you for this unique gift, Joanne – I recommend everyone to go through this experience.”



“I was given my heart painting as a Christmas gift by a dear friend and it was the most fantastic and personal gift I’d ever received. I cried when I read the note that comes with the painting as it was an exact description of me as a person and something was also revealed that now provides me with a safe feeling every time I look at “my” heart. I just love it.”



“THANK YOU for my beautiful HEART I absolutely love it !! YOU are a STAR.”

“It resonates with me as I always yawn when I look at it. So it is transmitting healing energy I do feel that it resonates with me. I am very touched and grateful for the care you have taken and the pathway to healing energy that you have helped to open up. Thank you.”

“I love it, I love the whole package. The painting was not what I expected but with what you wrote it makes sense and I love looking at it as it reminds me to be warmer to myself. I love what you wrote, spot on! It is a lovely way to get healing information about oneself.”

“I feel that my painting is extremely beautiful- maybe a bit more feminine than I see myself. I do feel that it resonates with me. The painting feels very vibrant and powerful. I recognise it as me- and it also points to areas of development. I love it! Thank you so much.”

“What a lovely surprise and pure delight to receive my glorious Heart Painting yesterday here in Melbourne. I feel you were very ‘in tune’ with me and where I’m at. I feel ‘reassured’ that my heart is pure and of good intention. Regardless of the ‘shadows’ of life experiences my heart still shines bright and strong. My painting most definitely resonates with me:

I felt a wave of joy through my body at first sight of my painting.

What absolute joy and delight to receive my heart painting c/o my darling sister. I feel so strong now and trusting of my heart and its intelligence, and connection to the Divine. My painting and your beautiful words have confirmed to my that by being my true heart-self I can truly shine. Thank you and Bless You Joanne – what amazing work.”

“I really like the painting. You have painted it in warm colours of yellow, gold and orange. Yellow is my favourite colour and the paint bleeds off the edge of the heart, which signifies effervescence, a kind of explosion of happiness and joy spilling out. The centre of the heart is painted in deeper colours and is where you have used the gold, which I feel reflects a deeper inner core. So, yes, I like it very much.

I really like the words that you wrote to go with the painting. It gave me a wonderful feeling and I could identify with what you said. Thanks again, my mum commission of your heart painting was truly inspired of her and wonderfully executed by you.”

“THANK YOU they are BOTH beautiful and I just know that my daughters will love them, as much as I do. Thank you for your skills and talents – I really appreciate you!”

“Thanks so much Joanne! I just got back from Colorado and my cousin absolutely LOVED the painting. She was touched and emotional by your words and said you were spot on.”

“I read this and thought of you and your work:
The artist’s vocation is to send light into the human heart”
George Sand
It fits perfectly.”

“It’s like a familiar message from my heart. It’s connected me with my higher self and I feel like it has opened up a gateway to light, transformation and Spirit guidance.

It has presented me with the urgency that I needed, to let go of patterns that do not serve me and never have. I am ready. And this prepares me and is supporting me through. It is truth. It is the elements, it is love, it is peace, it is creation. I just love it. Everyday I feel like in the painting she is smiling a little bit more than she was the day before! It’s great. I connect with it everyday.”

“Just a quick note to say thanks for the lovely pictures. The girls both really liked them. It was funny reading the descriptions because on of them can be a bit bossy (she was laughing at your last comment), and the other loves discussing and sorting out other people’s problems!”

“I had no idea what to expect. This was brought to me through a telephone conversation and I was intrigued. I loved the way you somehow got how I see my heart. I was and am very happy. I feel that it does resonate with me, and the more I look at it the more I fall in love with it.”

“I needed a new logo for my website and for advertising to combine my Business in London with my private practice in Wales. I asked Joanne to paint a butterfly that represents this merger. When I saw it, it immediately felt right. It was beautiful. Nothing more to add, really. Perfect!”

“Joanne painted hearts for my family as Christmas presents. At Christmas I put all the heart paintings on the floor, in the middle of the room, and got my family members to guess which one was theirs. Surprisingly they were able to look at one and say “That has got to be mum’s” and it was right, and it went on like this. When they all had their hearts, I read out the channelled explanation from Joanne and it was also very matching. It was an enchanting moment to connect with my family in this way and they were all very happy with the paintings, reading and the feeling it gave them. It was an enlightened Christmas!”

“Thanks so much again for the lovely paintings which are all on my wall at the moment. Thomas’s painting resonated with him very much and he loves it. It was funny when he just walked in and said oh yes that’s me!”

“It was a delight to first open my painting and I have had it up in my room ever since

I have placed it on my alter area as a reminder of staying in the heart and radiating love. I love having it around! Thank you so much it is very cheerful!”

“I was surprised by the colours used. I would not ordinarily choose such primary shades of colour. However, I felt and increasingly feel a connection to them. The paintings are incredibly singe minded, energetic and expressive in a way I had not imagined. It is a genuine gift to have some one do something so personal and insightful. Very enjoyable.”

“I absolutely love my painting. It is on the wall opposite my bed. I really feel it represents me at the moment. It was the first thing I saw on waking this morning and it made me feel good.”

“I was very surprised by my heart painting with its wonderful colours it was such a special moment for me to view the painting for the first time. It resonates with me 100%.”

“My heart really opened. The colour has always been my colour and it is right that I take responsibility for others but will let go now!”

“I love my painting!”

“It truly is beautiful and the more I look at it the more I connect! The colours are beautiful and I connected with the message with the painting. It has been a wonderful experience to receive my personal heart chakra painting and I am so grateful that you ere recommended to me by Terry otherwise I would never would have found you. You art has touched many people.”