Global Heart Project

I have the intent to spread artwork around the world to act as portals for healing energies to pour through. I have channelled art work for individuals so I thought why not do the same for Countries?

I create the artwork as a gift to the country. What I need is some one to take care of it and put it up somewhere.

I am just starting out on this project and have so far done paintings for The Netherlands, Scotland, Finland and America.

Would be able to receive a painting from me? They are maximum 20x20cm on canvas, and are very light and are ready to hang without needing framing.

I ask that you put it up somewhere in your country. It can be in your house and you would be the custodian of the heart for your country. Alternatively you could hang it in a public place, like a cafe or meeting place. I would love a photo of where it is with you in it too.

The painting is very likely to feature a heart as they are my main focus as you can see from the rest of my website.

The painting is a gift. You have the job of putting it up somewhere!

What do you get form this? – Beautiful artwork and the warm glow from knowing that you are spreading good vibes around the world!

If you know anyone else in other countries who would be happy to participate too then please do forward my details to them.

This is my way of facilitating raising the global vibration and keeping the unconditional love vibes going.

If you feel able to contribute to the cost of my materials and postage please click on the donate button below. Thank you


Thank you for helping