Your Unique Heart Painting

You are the most amazing person you are ever going to meet, but unless you are paying attention, how will you know?”


Heart paintings are a beautiful signpost to who you truly are. They capture aspects of your essence and help you to focus on your sense of your true self.

Life can be busy and overwhelming, to the extent that you can lose sight of who you truly are. It is natural for people to collect thoughts of who they are, or who they should be, from the world around them and allow these to cover over their authentic self.

Heart paintings use the languages of texture, colour and shape that speak directly to internal understandings within you and go beyond words. They allow you the opportunity to make an emotional connection and encounter the essence of you. We are all profound beings, how can you fit all of that into words?

How we relate to our self, influences how we interact with others, for example, whether we see ourselves as valuable and lovable. This has a profound impact on how we experience what life brings to us and the way in which we deal with it. Knowing yourself well and cherishing all that you are, is a safe and strong place to come from.

Your Heart painting will help you to hear the song that your heart sings to you, and to embrace your magnificence.

When creating Unique Heart Paintings I use a meditation technique to connect to clients using their name and date of birth as a vibration link. The paintings are generally on canvas using acrylic paints and colours that I mix myself directly from pigments. Each colour has a unique energetic quality.

Using meditation means I do not need to meet my clients before painting and I have created many pieces which are given as gifts to people I have not seen. I often receive wonderful feedback from delighted recipients. Personally I continue to be surprised and amazed at how the paintings manifest. They are all so different, which is a reflection of how unique we are.

Paintings will be accompanied by a short reading detailing my experience and what I saw and felt during the process.

Prices for Unique Heart Paintings start from £80 for a 20 cm x 20 cm canvas. They are all ready to hang and do not require framing.


To order a painting:

Call: 07890 192 531



Below is a small selection of some of the paintings created for my clients.