Spirit Guide paintings

For me, spirit guides are benevolent friends and teachers who exist in a non-physical form. Mine communicate with me through my thoughts and feelings. These may be backed up by physical signs such as hearing music or words that remind me of them, or seeing a particular colour which reassures me of their presence.  For example, recently I was explaining Archangel Michael to friend and at that moment a lady walked past with a skirt in the same stunning blue colour that I associate with him.

I started painting spirit guides after being asked to by clients, and I find the process fascinating and fun.

We may have several spirit guides through our life. One may stay always with us, whilst others change depending on what challenges we are facing and the kind of support and inspiration that we need. When I paint for you I ask to connect with the spirit guide that is most appropriate and beneficial for you to be in contact with right now. I use your name and date of birth to connect to this information.

I find that spirit guides can come through with information for you, or to make a clear connection to you, let you know how much you are loved, and how they are here to cheer you on. Their messages come through in how they choose to be shown for example in a particular landscape such as snow and ice, a desert, a ploughed field, or even under the sea. They may be holding specific items or pulling a pose.

I find that they all have a brilliant sense of humour and an earnest wish to be of service to you.

Your painting is best placed where you will see it everyday or can spend some time with it. You could, of course, ask your guide where they would like to be.

Prices for spirit Guide paintings start at £85 for a 20cm x 20cm or 20cm x25cm size. This would be on canvas and ready to hang on the wall. I generally use acrylic paints and colours that I mix myself from pigments.

To order a painting:

Call: 07890 192 531

Email: joanne_adoration@hotmail.com