The Hearts Collection

Although the process was more instinctive than planned, choosing just one image, the heart shape, helped me to transform the way I paint and to transcend the rules that I had embedded about how to.

The simplification allowed me to focus on purely the colours and how I wanted to play with them. This led me to feeling of stepping out of thought and the continual dialogue of planning and checking, critiquing my work, and into a different awareness. It is a space of feeling what needs to happen on the canvas next. I sense an internal prompt, a call, as to which colour to use where and how to apply it, using a brush, palate knife or my fingers. Habitually I have no idea what is about to happen until it does.I only know when I have finished a painting when it feel a sensation of completion.

I am grateful to the colours for supplying an area of my life where I can be fearlessly myself, a place to have fun, play and explore. Hopefully this comes through I the work. Perhaps they can act as a reminder that we are all here to find out more about ourselves, to enjoy the life we are given and to love what we are.

The paintings below are a selection from my most recent experiments.

Thank you for looking.