About Joanne Davies

Joanne DaviesEach of us has a path to follow and unique gifts to bring to this world. We also have carefully chosen lessons to help us expand our awareness. Repeatedly as I have changed I feel the world change around me. I now sit with the view that I have limited control over what happens to me and total control over how I feel about it, and this makes all the difference.

It is a pleasure to help others uncover the essence of who they are and find greater balance and peace in their life. Art is my way of understanding complex non-verbal things. It is where my heart sings at it loudest.

Below is the story of how I started to paint hearts.

I had an erratic journey to being an artist. I left school slightly bewildered as to what I really wanted to do with my life. I found myself working in a bank which did not feel right and after a year there I managed to get into Art College. I loved it and felt so alive. Then I made an odd choice, as despite being transfixed by the fine artists and their free and colourful expression in their work, I plumped for going on to degree in textile design at Manchester. Something in me lacked the confidence to let go and express myself.

Post degree I fell into a job as a sales rep initially selling patterned fabric then somehow I managed to end up selling curtain lining. This is plain fabric with no pattern and very little colour. This is how life felt for me, like it had very little colour. Occasionally I found myself in tears and raging with frustration. Despite the intensity of the feeling at this time I was clueless as to the cause. Now, fortunately, I do understand how your soul screams when it is desperate to express itself.

By this time I had also become a Reiki Master and staying in a job that did not suit me was very uncomfortable. I had to leave my job. Eventually, I got a local position with more flexible hours and carried on studying Holistic Energy practices and started painting.

I started painting hearts for myself; they were an obsession and very much about my own journey form head to my heart centred living. It was a journey of unlearning and exploration. It felt important to unlearning everything I thought I knew about painting. Around this time I visited The Art in Action show which showcases many talented artists and crafts people. I was transfixed by Artist David Brayne who I watched as he created wonderful poetic paintings. He was mixing straight from pigments and was working from his vivid imagination! This for me was confirmation of freedom to work straight out of my heart!

I also watched a Chinese painter who worked with the flow of chi. Again he was painting with the energy from within producing beautiful pictures of blossoms and leaves.

I started to explore how I wanted to create. Eventually I relaxed into playing with the colours giving myself authority to follow whatever popped into my imagination. I really started to have fun with a blank canvas and get into the joy of knowing that whatever I do, however messy it is totally fine.

So there I am playing and painting away same time working on my qualifications as a Kinesiologist and Holistic Energy practitioner.

A friend, inspired by my large collection of heart paintings, asked to put them in her Crystal shop. It was a fabulous boost for me to see a collection of by now fifty paintings en masse. She then asked me to paint a heart for her and for some of her family members. I found that I could use meditation and tune in to each person and I got a strong impression of what I needed to paint for each person. I call this technique channelling.

The hearts in the shop started to sell and I received orders through from people had seen the hearts wanted their own one. Very often I have not met the people I paint for. I may have spoken briefly with them on the phone, or received an email. The least I know about them the better. I use their name and date of birth to tune into them.

So far this has worked for every client that I have worked with and this spans from babies to my grandmother who was 100 when I painted for her.

My clients have their paintings as meditation pieces. One client sent me an ecstatic text message saying she hung her painting so it is the first things she sees it every morning and it makes her happy. For me these paintings are to help you put your attention on you.

The heart obsession for me is to connect deeply with you through your heart centre. This art work acts as a mediation piece to help you to connect to the heart of who you are.

More recently I have developed in to painting spirit guides and a baby blessing picture for new born babies. I have even channelled larger art work pieces for spaces. I find it all so exciting as I never know what it going to happen I watch the pictures unfold and listen to their message as it come through.

Playing with colours is a joy, playing is important for all of us. If you can give yourself time to get some bits of paper, pencils, scraps of fabrics whatever inspires you and put them together in a way that you like. It does not matter what you make it is the journey of playing which is important. It is for you no one else. There are no rules.

The brilliant thing is that this need not take hours. I once asked an artist who has a young family “With all the pressure on your time how do your get your work done?” His reply was “You can get a lot done in 10 minutes”. I tried this out for myself especially when I was busy with other work and found it to be true. Sometimes a 10 minute burst of activity produces great results and the feeling I get from the creative minutes of play is wonderful. I urge you to try it for you!

Happy creating and playing!