How to order artwork

Unique Heart Paintings and Spirit Guide Artwork

You can oder an Unique Heart Painting for you, or as a gift for someone else, using the Shop option. Spirit Guide paintings can also be ordered in this way.

If you wish to order as gift for a special occasion, such as for a wedding present or anniversary, or to commemorate a loved one who has passed, please do email or call me to discuss details. It is possible to put two or more hearts on the same canvas and I can talk this through with you, plus the canvas size and quote a price.

For Unique Heart Painting prices start from £80 for a 20 cm X 20 cm canvas (excludes postage). A 30cmX30cm canvas is £100. I use a deep canvas which does not need framing. Your painting will be ready to go on the wall.

Spirit Guide Paintings as usually on a 20cmx25cm canvas and cost £85.

All paintings for clients are accompanied by a short description of what I see and felt whilst painting for you, including any specific information.

Larger sizes of canvas are available, and I am happy to discuss your requirements. Concessions on prices are possible.

To order a painting for you, or as a gift I need your full name and date of birth and full. If this still sounds a bit mysterious call me and I can explain further.


Please address all enquiries for artwork to me via:

Call: 07890 192 531


Payment accepted by cheque, bank transfer or Pay Pal.

Work Featured on this Website

The price stated includes postage. All the works shown are on canvas. They will be carefully bubble wrapped and put in cardboard and paper for posting. Do contact me using the above details.