I have met, and continue to meet, beautiful and extraordinary people who have so  much wisdom and presence to share. I have listed a few here with a short description of how I have experienced them, though this is only a fraction of their many talents.


Davina Mackail  -The Dream Whisperer.

The best readings I have ever received have been from Davina . I found them focused and thorough as well as transformational. Davina imparts a wealth of information expertly delivered in away I can understand, and with a sense of humour. Davina has truly helped me change how I felt about major life blocks. If you are feelings stuck just go and see her now!



Mayella Reynolds is an awesome Theta Healer, teacher and amazing workshop leader. I have experienced profound changes in my energies through working with Mayella. She holds a lovely safe space and supplies bucket loads of inspiration whilst you grapple with your stuff. Her teaching is clear and totally no nonsense. Mayella sends out the best daily Theta downloads if you are into your Theta do sign up for them.

Nick of Phoenix Astrology Supplies beautiful lessons in the esoteric and practice application of our relationships with the cosmos. He does clear and insightful reading from your natal chart. Did ever wonder what you came in here with?  Nick will help you uncover part of you that you may not have discovered before. I find understanding my character and tendencies a huge help in settling into who I am bringing less conflict and confusion all round. I love listening to Nick’s magical explanations of the planets, he really does bring the stars down to earth so I can grasp them!

Michael at Epsilis. If you have any computer problems or website issues he is the man to help. He has the top skills of infinite patience and of explaining the baffling techno world to the not to technically minded.


Judy Samuels – Reiki Master, and a true master of Reiki. Judy brings her wisdom, generosity and enthusiasm with her wherever she goes. Judy is a most thorough and safe teacher of energy practice who eagerly passes on her knowledge. Contact me for her number. If you are about to start on your energy journey you would do well to start here.

Helen Drake – must know everything that there is to know about NPL, and certainly removed any doubts I had about it. Her compassion, and wisdom shine through She runs one day courses as well as more in depth ones. It is  pure joy to learn from Helen as she has a passion and great skill for passing on her knowledge. I attended a one day courses with her and learned  a whole new approach to life, she taught me a new level of presence and I am very grateful. Helen is a registered and practicing psychotherapist.