Natural Wellbeing

Holistic Healing with Kinesiology

Your body has ways of telling you when you are not looking after your self  holistically, and it can also tell you what you need in order to get you back in to balance and feeling good about your life.

Life is designed to bring challenges. As you grow up you teach yourself how you need to be in order to survive and what your place in the world is drawing from your experiences and what your family, friends, teachers etc. project.

When a challenge arises you may handle it well, you may even feel you thrive on stress and chaos, you may feel you are here to push yourself hard. At some point your reaction may very different and not one you have experienced before. Your body may be showing persistent symptoms such as painful digestion, reactions to certain foods, skin conditions, headaches or inability to sleep. This can be confusing and distressing.


Events can throw you in to deep sorrow, despair, or a long wander through periods of loneliness frustration, or depression. You may find yourself overwhelmed with, fear, weariness, or feel thrown back by a sudden blow of failure. Illness, pain and injury can be a shock, and you may feel you are battling to recover. This can lead to you to dragging around a heavy load of emotion and stress leaving you feeling worn out and physically ill. You may also encounter huge trauma in your life.


Despite the devastation you encounter no experience is ever wasted. I have heard myself say “ well that was not a ride I would have bought a ticket for but I am glad I went on the journey”. I feel I have grown through the depths of what I have walked through or supported myself back from. The analogy is of the lotus flower that grows up through the muddy water to blossom.


Often your experience helps you to unpack and explore your emotional baggage, thoughts, feelings and beliefs about yourself and your world. It can be exhausting to pick though these on your own.


I use Kinesiology to help my clients lift off their fundamental underlying fears, traumas and beliefs that are no longer helpful and are prolonging their, stress, illness or discomfort. Together we address blocks to your well being at the root cause level. This brings relief and change plus the ability to flow with changes in your life. I help you to restore your bounce and to have fun without having to dwell on what you are coping with.


If you feel overwhelmed right now I do encourage you to give Kinesiology a go. It is gentle, supportive and designed to help you shift at your own pace supporting you on a physical, mental and emotional spiritual levels. It is great for releasing your stress and embracing the good that is here for you.

Things we can work on enabling you to do with Health Kinesiology include:

Overcoming anxiety

Feeling equipped and able to meet your daily challenges

Feeling comfortable in your body

Feeling healthy and well and content

Enjoying all your relationships and get the best out of them

Enjoying refreshing sleep

Enjoying calm and easy digestion

Coping with change

Ability to make clear decisions

Loving who you are

Being able to focus on positive and uplifting thoughts

Finding peace with past trauma

Being clear about how you wish to direct your life

Experiencing joy in your life


Who is kinesiology for?

Kinesiology is suitable to for all ages and will work alongside other medication and therapies that you may be using. Each session is calibrated to work at your pace and with your body’s priority. There is no need to hold particular beliefs or understand your issue, though an open mind is helpful. This is not a talking or diagnostic therapy.

What happens in a Health Kinesiology session?

With all new clients I request that you to complete a short questionnaire so you can briefly outline your issue and a little of your background.

We will have a short discussion on this before we start. During the session you will remain fully clothed and be lying down and sometimes may need to participate. I use muscle testing to see where we need to retune your energy and we gently hold acupoints to bring them back to balance.

After your session it is most likely that you feel calmer and relaxed.

An initial session will last about 1.5 hours with subsequent appointment being around an hour. No two sessions will be the same.


How many sessions will I need?

This depends on what we are working on and how your body wishes to address your issues. It is likely that we can enable significant benefits for you within 3- 4 sessions. Usually sessions are paced 3 or so weeks apart as the work we do continues to process throughout your system.

Where are sessions held?

I have a dedicated healing room at my home in Hanwell, W7.

I have weekday, weekend and evening appointments available.


Do you provide other therapies?

I am also qualified in Reiki, Theta Healing and Emotional Freedom Technique, and if relevant they may be incorporated in to our work together.

How do I book a session?

Please contact me via

or call or text me on 07890 192 531.


How much is a Kinesiology Session?

My current rate is £45 per session, payable in full on the day.

Please do contact me if you have questions or would like to know more.

To book a session:

Call:    07890 192 531



Your body is amazing and is always doing the best it can to help you thrive and grow.



“As a complete newcomer to kinesiology I didn’t know what to expect, but Joanne took me through the process in a clear and simple way. At once I felt relaxed and in safe hands. After sessions with Joanne I immediately feel more balanced and calm, and able to face the world’s insistent demands with a controlled and peaceful attitude.”



“As a therapist myself, and  many years of working on myself, I am very fussy who I work with.  Joanne is a pro, she has a  warm  sparkle about her and sometimes I do not know how the treatment works, I walk out of her treatment room feeling a million dollars.  I would certainly recommend her, as I have done many times, to anyone who feels they want to work though things and have blocks in their lives’ “



“Joanne is an extremely knowledgeable Kinesiologist. I’ve been seeing her for a number of years to help maintain my health and I find her to be caring, thoughtful and professional. She has a great way of making you feel comfortable and she is a great listener. She uses many different techniques in our sessions and I feel she has helped me on many different levels. I always feel better after our sessions and I cannot recommend her enough”


“Not knowing what Kinesiology was, a friend happened to mention she had gone for a session, which intrigued me when she explained what it was. Always being up for trying something new, I booked a session with Joanne for some things that going on at the time which resulted in some internal anger issues, and having confidence and self-validation to support my loved ones.

After a few weeks I found the changes within me amazing. I can’t explain them exactly, I just know that internally I began to change and things just did not get to me as much, i.e. I wasn’t holding the anger within and then exploding like a volcano when things got too much. I can convey my “anger” (annoyance) to the people directly with confidence rather than just keeping silent which is what I would normally do. I know this is had been a combination of everything I have been doing but I do feel the Kinesiology has either resulted in energy shifts or guided me to something that may be more appropriate to help deal with the issue. 

Since then I have been to Joanne for various things that have come up for me on an energetic level, each time the results have been astounding for me.  I now feel a lot more confidant, beautiful, self-assured, adventurous and not afraid to try new things. The way people around me now interact with me is evidence of the great changes that have occurred internally. I truly believe your external, environment is just a mirror image of your internal energy level/ thoughts/fears etc…. Mine is now always happy, smiling, fabulous 🙂

Thanks again for everything Joanne :)”



“I enjoyed our session – it was relaxing and therapeutic – even if I didn’t understand what you were up to, I came away in a very mellow mood and slept incredibly well that night.”


“Joanne’s sessions have a profoundly relaxing affect on me. I have been having regular sessions throughout a stressful period and they have given me a real sense of perspective and clarity about what I want to do next.”


“Despite my initial skepticism about the sessions, Joanne was able to provide me with a clear, useful explanation of how the process of Holistic Kinesiology would help me resolve some issues. Her clarity allowed me to get to the heart of my concerns and I have since seen her for guidance in other areas – problem solving with my work, family and other areas of my life. I’d unreservedly recommend her practice to anyone ready to take the step and manifest some change for themselves. Practical, timely and caring work carried out in a highly professional manner – with a smile and some giggles too. Thank you for all the help Joanne – you’re changing lives!”


“I have experienced outcomes that are beneficial or personally enlightening. Joanne is a warm, comforting, thorough, giving practitioner who makes sure she also enjoys this practice herself which is why I think she is good at it.”