Welcome to Adoration Art. The work I create helps you take an inwards journey, to reach into your unique self and allow it to flow out. Often we focus on trying to create change through external actions, outside of ourselves, when we truly hold the power to transformation within our own being.

Paying attention to your thoughts and feelings, identifying with what inspires you, and giving yourself permission to act on it, are keys to you living as authentically as possible, as you were meant to live. Adoration Art is here to guide you into being the full expression of yourself and to help you to recognise how truly amazing you are.

I specialise in creating highly personalised, unique art works for clients and for their homes or businesses. Each artwork is created with the intention of bringing the focus and energy required for that space, either for you personally or your environment.

The feedback from clients who have received Unique Heart Paintings or Spirit Guide paintings is encouraging, humbling and extraordinary.

There is more information on Unique Heart paintings and spirit guides under the headings on the left hand menu.

Alongside my artwork I am an Holistic Energy Practitioner. I use gentle energy  techniques to help clients to feel healthy, happy and balanced. Working together we resolve issues in your life, bringing greater clarity and peace, so you can live your life creatively in a way which is right for you.

“If you limit your choices to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is a compromise.”

Robert Fritz